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La Dimora del Guiscardo

Via della Vetriera, 83 - 90133 - Palermo (Palermo)
Tel: 328.6626074

Roberto, a young chap in love with his hometown Palermo, lives in the Kalsa borough between Marina and Magione square.
Situated right in the middle of Palermo largest historical area, the house's been the residence of Domenico Costantino (1840 – 1915) one of the most
prolific sculptors in 19th century Palermo.

Tall, well-built and healthy Costantino had the chance to fully appreciate and learn the aulic neoclassical style from Valerio Villareale. In 1860 he began to produce his own works of art. His first work earned him the highest price at the Esposizione Provinciale. That was only the beginning: he rapidly became the artist of choice for every marble sculpture commission in Palermo.

The Lions guarding Pretoria square staircase (1877), the Eagles on Palermo's council hall (1876), the portal of Politeama theatre (date unknown) and
Carlo Cottone (1873) monument, placed in front of Politeama theatre entrance are amongst his most famous masterpieces.

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