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Piazza Guglielmo il Buono

Palermo (PA)

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 €4,50 ridotto € 2,00- fino a 18 anni gratuito e oltre 65 anni
 Sovrintendenza Beni Culturali - Pa te.091-6961448

Visit: From Monday to Saturday 09.00a.m to 19.00p.m. Ticket office till 18.30.
Sunday and Holiday from 09.00 to 13.30. Ticket office till 13.00
Ticket €2.50
Several significant Islamic artefacts, coming from the Mediterranean basin, are displayed in this museum. These feature the elegant masrabiyya , wooden grated screens, composed of hundreds of reels forming refined and light ornamental designs and motifs, together with common tools or some furnishings (candlesticks, bowls, basins, mortars), mainly made in copper and engraved, often enriched with gold and silver thin layers and threads.
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